Here at Spectrum-Supplements, we carry a variety of different brand names that we feel represent the highest quality nutritional vitamins and supplements available today.

One of the brand names we carry is Kirkman Labs or sometimes referred as just Kirkman. Again, we recognize that there are other manufacturers that provide excellent products, but in this post, we’ll focus on why Kirkman is a recognized leader in creating products for people with special sensitivities and dietary needs.

High Quality and Reliability

Kirkman is the pioneer of the nutraceutical industry having been established as early as 1949. It has since developed innovative products designed to meet the strict requirements of individuals with exceptional conditions. For almost seven decades, its supplements have helped countless people lead better lives.

Kirkman’s continual commitment to quality has helped it stay at the top. Investments in cutting edge technologies are regularly made to ensure that it delivers the purest products to the market. People have come to appreciate the company’s dedication to bring them only the best and have rewarded this with their loyalty.

In-house Manufacturing

Some companies outsource their manufacturing process, which doesn’t necessarily result in lower quality, however, Kirkman has chosen to retain the control of this important aspect to assure excellence at every step.

Kirkman’s manufacturing process has even been certified by NSF International, a respected organization that measures compliance with industry standards. This means that every facet of production has been scrutinized and found to comply with all technical requirements. The company is also compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Ultra Tested Standard

What’s truly remarkable is that Kirkman is not satisfied with mere compliance. It goes above and beyond the standards for the good of its customers. For instance, studies regarding the detrimental health effects of environmental toxins pushed the company to introduce a testing protocol that is beyond what the FDA requires.

Kirkman’s protocol looks into 950 of the most common environmental contaminants including heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, and biological hazards. Rigorous testing guarantees the purity of the company’s Ultra Tested line of products. Consumers can make their purchase with peace of mind.

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