While there is currently no cure for autism, studies have demonstrated improvement in many diagnosed with the condition through the use of supplements. These supplements can provide a variety of nutritional benefits to the autistic person. Improvements in gastrointestinal health and behaviors associated with the condition have all been reported. The reasons for treating autism spectrum disorder with nutritional supplements are many and varied.

The following list notes a few of the nutritional deficiencies that have been known to occur in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder:

  • low levels of both vitamins D and A – decreased levels of vitamins B6 and B12 – low levels of zinc and folate – low levels of methionine – decreased levels of essential fatty acids EPA and GLA

In addition to these, many other deficiencies have been recorded, as well as mineral levels that would be considered abnormal.

One of the largest suppliers of supplements for those diagnosed with autism is Spectrum Supplements. The Kirkland brand is one their more popular sellers due to its excellent reputation and customer testimonials. Freshness is important when it comes to supplements and Kirkland has built a reputation on using only the freshest ingredients. In addition to freshness, Kirkland is committed to quality control and practices stringent methods to ensure the quality and purity of the ingredients that go into every supplement that it manufactures.

Nutritional Supplements for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Another common reason to use nutritional supplements for autism is the existence of diets that exclude many nutrients. Many who are dealing with autism are on exclusionary diets such as those that seek to eliminate Gluten and Casein. Others who are raising children with autism are experimenting with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. All of these diets have helped to bring about improvements in some children with the disorder. These diets can strictly limit the amount of food that is available to the autistic child. Supplements, such as those sold by Spectrum Supplements and manufactured by Kirkland can help to ensure that the children are receiving the proper levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to exclusionary diets, many children with autism will only eat certain foods. These finicky eaters are also at risk and may benefit from supplemental nutrition. It is important to work with your medical professional before adding supplements into the dietary regimen of your child. Speak with your health care practitioner to see if they feel that your autistic child will benefit from supplements. It is also recommended that you do your own research and help to educate your doctor as to the benefits of supplements if they are not already aware.

Do not delay in providing the autistic person with supplemental nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies can markedly increase behavior problems and can even lead to impaired neurological function. The supplements that are manufactured by Kirkland can help to minimize these risks. One of the best parts about treatment with nutritional supplements is that they are available without a prescription. Treating a condition like autism with nutritional supplements can be an empowering experience for the entire family.

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