Lipodrene Hardcore has a name which speaks for itself. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals reformulated the original Lipodrene, adding some ingredients to the formula to make it stronger. Moreover, the company used advanced tablet manufacturing technology to prolong the effects caused by the supplement. The new formula will please those bodybuilders who are very choosy about their diet. The new formula will help them reach their fitness goals much quicker beyond imaginable limits! While being full of energy, you will start losing weight and feel wonderful because of the most perfect diet aid ever formulated.

New formula benefits

• You will take the first dose and feel it work! • Super fast weight loss! • Immediate energy and no crash! • High attitude and perfect sense of wellbeing!

Faster fat loss which lasts

It is not just about having all the modern ingredients in one pill. To cause the desired effect, those ingredients have to be completely absorbed by the body. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals developed the tablet manufacturing technology called Explotab. It ensures that all the compounds of the product work faster and longer than conventional products sold by competitors. Such tablets include “rapid-release” and “extended-release” technologies. Due to these innovative techs, athletes receive long-lasting effects, avoiding the hateful crash! Bodybuilders report that they feel awesome almost immediately after they have taken Lipodrene Hardcore. Consequently, this product was our bestseller in 2018, and it will most likely remain it in 2019!

Hardcore Lipodrene vs original

The new formula will satisfy those athletes who are willing to gain all the weight loss results and boost their energy. Moreover, athletes taking this supplement will know it works, feeling warmer as their blood absorbs the ingredients.

Athletes who want a formula with milder effects or those who are just starting to use Lipodrene products should resort to the original one.

How to dose

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends you to take 3 tablets daily and spread them out evenly throughout the day. You can take the product along with food or on an empty stomach. You will be able to take the supplement for 30 days if you buy one bottle. Start taking the supplement with one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon to assess your tolerance to that product. Never exceed 4 tablets a day.

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