There is a growing population of people who are unable to eat many of the foods which are common elements in meals. This inability to digest or tolerate certain foods not only excludes them from various functions, it can also endanger their health because they are not able to ingest various nutrients that are necessary to a healthy existence. Fortunately, there are companies such with resources such as Kirkman laboratories that can produce and distribute many of these nutrients in the form of supplements. These supplements appear in a variety of Kirkman products.

Amino Acids

There are 20 amino acids that every person needs on a regular basis to maintain their health. Unfortunately, many of these essential nutrients appear in foods which cause allergic reactions or which some people cannot otherwise tolerate. With products such as Amino Support, Kirkman laboratories are making good health an easy choice.


Antioxidants are molecules that perform the important function of inhibiting oxidation reactions in the human metabolism. These reactions ultimately cause damage to cells and are associated with many illnesses. Products such as the Detox diet can deter these maladies in people who have difficulty including antioxidants in their regular diet.


Colostrum is an important substance which mothers give to their newborn children even before they produce milk. It contains critical antibodies. Unfortunately, some children are prevented from receiving colostrum for different reasons. Kirkman’s Colostrum Gold is an unflavored and hypoallergenic supplement that allows mother and child to surmount this difficulty easily.


A number of minerals support human health in large and small quantities. Since allergies and intolerances prevent many adults and children from acquiring these substances in their diet, Kirkman laboratories have created a long list of mineral supplements. They include minerals such as calcium, which is crucial not only for strong bones but also for muscles and energy.


Probiotics are microorganisms that mostly live in the digestive tract. They are crucial components of human digestion. Probiotic supplements such as Culturelle and others provide support to digestion in hypoallergenic form so that no one needs to be deprived of this substance.

At Kirkman laboratories, they make numerous other supplements to assist people of all sorts to maintain their health. Spectrum Supplements is very proud to carry the Kirkman family line of supplements. Kirkman has been at this since 1949, when it was founded in Seattle. Since then, they have extended their products to the whole world and continue to aid people to include all the best nutrients in their diet.

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