You know how certain androgenic products provoke different side effects when consumed. With EpiCat manufactured by Blackstone Labs, you can exercise and leave all your fears behind because it is a revolutionary supplement helping you to get huge and shredded. EpiCat does not belong to steroid or prohormone categories. It actually targets your genes directly and helps you bulk up to the biggest size possible with your body constitution. Blackstone Labs EpiCat is safe to take for both men and women. It will ensure perfect results, which every athlete dreams of, by naturally enhancing your muscle gains and helping you to get beyond your body’s limits. This product provides new ways of taking your workouts to a whole new level! Taking this supplement, you can safely keep to your usual workout routine and diet. EpiCat works exclusively on a genetic level to help you build the bulkiest muscle possible.


EpiCat contains one key ingredient — epicatechin. It is a substance that naturally occurs in cocoa beans, and we usually consume it while eating dark sorts of chocolate. Some studies conducted by scientists show that epicatechin interferes with the body muscles and forces them to release myostatin with the help of another molecule which is called follistatin.

EpiCat benefits and results

  • Lean muscle mass gains
  • Stiffer muscles, pronounced vascularity and pumps
  • Endurance during workouts
  • More strength and power
  • Non-toxic

Common questions

Is it safe for both men and women? Yes, men and women can safely take EpiCat.

How long can my cycle last with EpiCat? It is recommended taking the supplement for no more than 90 days.

Is PCT necessary after it? No, there is no need for PCT when using this product.

Will my liver suffer? No, EpiCat is safe in this respect.

Is stacking with other Blackstone Labs supplements allowed? Yes, you can safely stack this supplement with any other Blackstone Labs product.

How to cycle

We recommend taking 1 EpiCat capsule two times a day along with your food. Never exceed 2 capsules a day. 12 weeks of taking this product should be followed by a break. There is no need to take any cycle support or PCT remedies with this product. The supplement is suitable for both males and females.

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