Autism is a neurologic condition that affects young children and teenagers. The disorder manifests itself through retraction, impaired speech, poor social interaction and inappropriate or over-reaction to external stimulus.

As a parent, you cannot notice any physical manifestation of autism; however, you can take note of weird behavioral patterns in your child. Thus, you need to learn how to diagnose autism in children if you notice strange behaviors in your child.

Initial Autism symptoms:

Some of the first signs of autism in children may not be straightforward. This is because the symptoms vary from child to child. Some children are born with the condition while others develop the disorder after birth, thus start showing the signs suddenly. A child suffering from autism will be non-responsive to people or several play toys; instead, he will always stick to one particular toy. In addition, he will always avoid eye contact and affectionate gestures like hugging and touching.

Autistic children are usually slow in speech development than non-autistic children. In addition, they are often very aggressive and are prone to self-injuries. Anytime you notice an abnormal behavior in your child, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention in order to diagnose and correct the condition.

Visiting the paediatrician:

Modern pediatricians are well equipped to diagnose autism in children accurately. These specialists have sound knowledge of this condition, and can tell whether your child is suffering from autism or not. The symptoms of autism are still not straightforward as there is no standard yardstick for diagnosing autism in children. Therefore, if you notice that your child is poor in developing speech, then you need to seek the expert’s help to give an accurate diagnosis of the condition.

Seeking expert Autism treatment:

If your child has been diagnosed with this condition, then you need to consult experts who have the right training in treating autism in children. These therapists use standard rating scale to establish the child’s behavior and decide on the right therapy after running several tests and establishing that your child is indeed suffering from autism.

Autism in children can be corrected if a diagnosis is done at an early age. There are several autism treatment programs that you can engage in order to correct your child’s condition. In addition, there are supplements that you can be prescribed to help manage your child’s condition.

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