Autism in children can be caused or augmented by nutritional and mineral deficiencies stemming from a limited diet. Often these kids cannot absorb nutrients, or their bodies use them incorrectly. Avoiding certain foods can help, but limiting a child’s diet has negative effects too.

This is why autism supplements can be so helpful. In many cases, autistic children’s language and social skills improve while they take specific vitamins and minerals, while their negative and repetitive behaviors diminish. Immune function increases too.

For example, avoiding gluten, casein and particular carbohydrates will remove necessary foods from the menu as well. Although a parent will not want to serve her children meals which are harmful, missing elements need to be found somewhere. Some autistic children are also very picky about their food either because they will not tolerate certain textures, or because they feel the need to control what they eat. These young people need the supplements as well. Supplements are shown to help even when there are no dietary issues.

The most commonly deficient vitamins and minerals include Vitamins A, C and D, several B vitamins, zinc and folate. Omega-3 fatty acids are frequently lacking. Brain function suffers when it does not receive all of these elements.

Many children with autism suffer from elevated oxidative stress. This gives them hypertension which, in turn, negatively affects immunity. Brain inflammation causes the brain to function at a very low level, frequently doing only what it must to survive. This causes cognitive and social development to slow down while interfering with the frontal lobe. Children stroke things, rock back and forth, spin on the spot, or tap over and over. Many kids will become loud or aggressive as a means of distracting themselves from their hypersensitivity.

Autism supplements have reduced hypertension, inflammation, repetitive and aggressive behaviors. Meanwhile, immunity and brain development, no longer so seriously hindered, have improved in many instances. Benefits have also been reported when children with similar issues have taken these products.

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