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Kids Clear Detoxifying Clay Baths - 2.5 lbs jar

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Quick Overview


  • Hypoallergenic

  • 100% pure bentonite clay with no added fillers or excipients

  • 100% free of bacteria, viruses, molds or yeast

  • High negative ionic surface charge

  • Disperses easily in warm water

  • No drain guard required

  • Easy clean-up

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  • 100% Purified Bentonite Clay


    Kids Clear™ Bentonite Clay has no added ingredients.  This is a 100% pure and natural product. This clay is high purity air-classified sodium bentonite, selectively mined, consisting of micronized particles which is a free-flowing powder.



    According to Ralph Spindler, the research and development scientist for a leading clay manufacturer, all clays typically contain impurities, usually bacteria and molds; therefore when bathing in unpurified clay, it is possible that you can be exposed to impurities in the clay itself. 


    Kids Clear™ Cleansing Clay meets all requirements set forth by the USPXXIII/NFXVIII for bentonite.




    Kids Clear™ Bentonite Clay contains no spices, herbs, excipients or fillers which sometimes cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. 


    100% Free of Bacteria, Viruses, Molds or Yeast


    Kids Clear™ Bentonite Clay is guaranteed to be free of bacteria, viruses, molds and yeast.  No other bathing clay on the market makes this claim.  It is important to find  “purified” clay for bathing, and this is especially true if you are sensitive to molds or yeast, or have a weakened immune system.


    High CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)


    Kids Clear™ Bentonite Clay has the highest cation exchange capacity, or negative ionic surface charge, of any clay we have sold (98-107 meq/100g on the CEC scale). Mixing Kids Clear™ Bentonite Clay with very warm water creates a high negative ionic surface charge.


    Disperses Easily in Water


    Unlike most bentonite clays, Kids Clear™ Bentonite Clay disperses easily in water, with virtually no clumping. This is highly desirable, since there is little mixing required and the clay does not adhere to the skin the same way other bathing clays do.


    Kids Clear™ clay baths may be more effective than a “clumping” clay since it has a bigger exposure of its surface area to the skin. 

    Easy  Clean-Up


    Unlike other bathing clays, this clay can be safely rinsed down the drain.  No drain guard, clay dissolving or special cleaning agents are required.


    2.5 lbs (7 cups of clay) – Good for 7-14 baths for children