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Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin-Mineral- Hypoallergenic - 180 capsules

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  • Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin-Mineral- Hypoallergenic - 180 capsules
  • Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin-Mineral- Hypoallergenic - 180 capsules - ingredients

Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Capsules - Hypo 180 ct

Quick Overview

A hypoallergenic multivitamin, specially formulated for adults and those with sensitivities for advanced nutritional support.



By popular requests from our customers, Kirkman® has developed "Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic," an adult multi-vitamin that supports general good health and is also suitable for the sensitive individual. Most adult multiple vitamin formulations available commercially contain additives such as colors, flavors, gluten or other undesirable ingredients that may trigger reactions in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, most of the commercially available products are tablets which can be hard to swallow for some people. Kirkman’s new product is in capsule form and is free of common allergens and ingredients that cause these types of sensitivities.

"Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic" contains twelve vitamins and eight minerals in forms and dosages that are supported by the latest scientific studies. In addition, it contains coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10) and the Resvida™ brand of resveratrol. These two antioxidants have shown dramatic health benefits in recent scientific evaluations.

Kirkman’s new adult product differs in formulation from most conventional multiple vitamin products in the marketplace as follows:

     •  contains 1000 IU of vitamin D-3 per dose based on new studies that higher doses are beneficial 
     •  contains 27 mg of zinc (150% of daily requirement) per dosage to better support immune response 
     •  contains chromium in the chelate form to support healthy blood sugar levels 
     •  contains 350 mg of vitamin C for enhanced immune support 
     •  contains CoQ10 and resveratrol 

The Coenzyme-10 Factor

Kirkman® includes CoQ10 in “Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic” for several reasons. First, CoQ10 is the energy-producing unit of all body cells. All body processes rely on it for energy. As we age, the body produces less of this nutrient and our diets may lack adequate amounts to keep healthy levels.

Another important reason for the inclusion of CoQ10 is its cardio-protective nature. As we age, heart health is obviously of upmost importance. CoQ10 supports cardiovascular health by oxygenation of heart tissues. Also, many adults take statin drugs to help control cholesterol. Recent scientific studies show that these statin type drugs may deplete CoQ10 stores in the body, leading to adverse cardiac health.

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage which can destroy body cells. Oxidative free radical damage is actually what causes the aging process. Antioxidants seem to work best in combination, so the inclusion of CoQ10 in this formulation allows it to work with the other antioxidants present, which include beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and resveratrol thereby maximizing the free radical protection.

The Resveratrol Factor

Resveratrol is the active antioxidant factor present in red wine. Well-known benefits include:

     •  supporting cardiovascular health 
     •  possessing anti-inflammatory qualities
     •  possessing powerful antioxidant qualities
     •  supporting cognitive function 
     •  supporting longevity 
     •  preventing infections in plants 

Kirkman® uses exclusively the Resvida™ brand of resveratrol manufactured by DSM Corporation (DSM). DSM has done extensive studies with their product to ensure safety, purity, potency, and absorbency. Resvida™ has self affirmed GRAS (General Recognized as Safe) status making it the only resveratrol with this distinction. DSM has numerous clinical studies being conducted to further validate resveratrol’s health benefits. A recent study by DSM showed resveratrol extending the lives of obese mice.

As its name suggests, Kirkman’s "Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic" is not your typical daily multivitamin product. It truly advances the standard for healthy nutritional support.

Free Of

Sugar, starch, soy, wheat, casein, gluten, milk, preservatives, yeast, flavorings, egg, colorings, tree nuts or peanuts.




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